Bright Beginnings Preschool

Monday - Wednesday - Friday 9:00am - Noon

 (Follows the EASD schedule, you'll get a calcendar from the teachers)


Fall 2018: September 10th – December 21st (14 weeks) Resident $450   Non-Resident $480

Winter 2019: January 7th – April 17th (13 ½ weeks) Resident $420   Non-Resident $450

Spring 2019: April 29th – May 24th (4 weeks) Resident $145   Non-Resident $175

*10% discount if you sign up for an additional session (will be taken off the upcoming session)

 There is also a 20% sibling discount)


Can be paid in 2 installments; Fall session by September 10th & November 2nd.

Winter by January 7th & March 1st. Spring by April 29th (one payment since it’s a short session)


Children ages 4 to 5 (Must be potty trained)



Your child will have the opportunity to learn new skills in a theme-based classroom setting. Each day we move through a combination of individual, small group, and whole group activities. Everything your child experiences in a preschool classroom targets multiple skills at a time. Below are just a few of the many developing skills that are encouraged, enhanced, and promoted here.


  • Table Time: Hands-on manipulative toys and games that promote cognition and problem solving skills (puzzles, lacing beads, playdough, links, peg boards, blocks, etc...)
  • Morning Meeting Time: Identifying child's name in print, making observations about weather, counting numbers on the calendar, sharing ideas, and discussing and preparing for the days events.
  • Activity Table: Controlling small muscles in our hands using a wide variety of materials including paint, crayons, markers, glue, scissors to create our theme-based projects to bring home and proudly show off!
  • Snack Time: Self-help skills and social language skills are strengthened as we enjoy snack as a group each day. *Child brings own snack
  • Learning Games: Counting, number recognition, color recognition, position concepts, opposites, sequencing, patterns, classifying, sorting, and cause-and-effect.
  • Music & Movement: Following directions, singing, pretend play, body awareness, exercise and well-being, and lots of fun!
  • Story Time: Pre-literacy and literacy skills, using pictures to observe and predict, asking and answering questions on topic, conversation skills, and comprehension.
  • Outdoor Play/Tumble Time: Gross motor skills, body awareness, strength and balance, and interactive play.



Register in person at the Charles Chrin Community Center of Palmer Township

For more information please call 610-252-2098



4100 Green Pond Road Palmer, PA18045 - Phone (610) 252-2098 Fax (610) 923-7183 - email address: Palmer Community Center




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