Fitness Center


The fitness center is equipped with cardiovascular machines. You will exercise your lungs and heart, burn fat, work off life's accumulated stress. Outfitted with sturdy weight training equipment, you'll tone and strengthen your muscles in order to function and look better. There is also a cozy little nook for floor exercises and stretching in order to enhance flexibility. It's all right there in one room: everything you'll need to encourage your body to look and feel great.


The following are the fees for the various types of membership:


Yearly Fee


  • Township Resident   $240/year
  • Township Resident 62 and older   $180/year
  • Non-Resident   $360/year
  • Non-Resident 62 and older   $240/year
  • Non-Resident Working in Township   $300/year
  • College Student*   $15/month *Must show college ID
  • Day Pass   $5.00/day


Billing Frequency is quarterly.


**Will be required to put an additional $15.00 deposit down for your fitness room key, when your membership is complete you will get a check back for the $15.00.


We also have to ability to check and see if your insurance provider covers your fitness membership. Just ask.